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We are hiring now for our first Hybrid Intelligence PhD position

Are you eager to take up the challenge to make robots talk and develop a personal language that is sensitive to different multimodal contexts and user perspectives? Do you want to become part of an exciting team working on the forefront of communicating machines? Please apply at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam for a PhD-position with Piek Vossen.

The project is part of the national gravity project on Hybrid Intelligence and will be supervised by Prof. Piek Vossen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

The research is further embedded in the Computational Lexicology and Terminology Lab (, which is one of the world’s leading research groups in Human Language technology. Prof. dr. Piek Vossen, recipient of the NWO Spinoza Prize, heads the group of international researchers that are working on ground-breaking projects, among which the Spinoza project ‘Understanding Language by Machines’. Within that framework several PhDs are working on the Leolani project, with which the PhD will also collaborate:

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