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CLTL-team Vossen @LREC 2016










Vossen and his CLTL-team have the following accepted papers at LREC2016. We’ll see you in Portorož from May 23-28, 2016!


Multilingual Event Detection using the NewsReader Pipelines, by Agerri R, I. Aldabe, E. Laparra, G. Rigau, A. Fokkens, P. Huijgen, R. Izquierdo, M. van Erp, Piek Vossen, A. Minard, B. Magnini

Evaluating Entity Linking: An Analysis of Current Benchmark Datasets and a Roadmap for Doing a Better Job”  by Marieke van Erp, Pablo Mendes, Heiko Paulheim, Filip Ilievski, Julien Plu, Giuseppe Rizzo and Joerg Waitelonis

Context-enhanced Adaptive Entity Linking” by Giuseppe Rizzo, Filip Ilievski, Marieke van Erp, Julien Plu and Raphael Troncy

MEANTIME, the NewsReader Multilingual Event and Time Corpus” by Anne-Lyse Minard, Manuela Speranza, Ruben Urizar, Begoña Altuna, Marieke van ErpAnneleen Schoen and Chantal van Son

Crowdsourcing Salient Information from News and Tweets” by Oana Inel, Tommaso Caselli and Lora Aroyo

Temporal Information Annotation: Crowd vs. Experts” by Tommaso Caselli, Rachele Sprugnoli and Oana Inel

Addressing the MFS bias in WSD systems” by Marten Postma, Ruben Izquierdo, Eneko Agirre, German Rigau and Piek Vossen


GRaSP: A multi-layered annotation scheme for perspectives” by Chantal van SonTommaso CaselliAntske Fokkens, Isa Maks, Roser Morante, Lora Aroyo and Piek Vossen

The VU Sound Corpus: Adding more fine-grained annotations to the Freesound database” by Emiel van Miltenburg, Benjamin Timmermans and Lora Aroyo

NLP and public engagement: The case of the Italian School Reform by Tommaso Caselli, Giovanni Moretti, Rachele Sprugnoli, Sara Tonelli, Damien Lanfrey and Donatella Solda Kutzman

Two architectures for parallel processing for huge amounts of text” by Mathijs Kattenberg, Zuhaitz Beloki, Aitor Soroa, Xabier Artola, Antske Fokkens, Paul Huygen and Kees Verstoep

The Event and Implied Situation Ontology: Application and Evaluation” by Roxane Segers, Marco Rospocher, Piek Vossen, Egoitz Laparra, German Rigau, Anne-Lyse Minard


Member of the Scientific Committee LREC2016

Chair Session: O21 – Social Media, May 26, 2016 (11.45-13.05)

Program Committee of the  Twelfth Joint ACL – ISO Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation (ISA-12), May 28, 2016

Invited speaker at round table discussion on “Reproducibility in Language Science and Technology: Ready for the Integrity Debate?” at 4REAL Workshop, May 28, 2016 (12.00-13.00)