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Theatercollege on “AI en de Menselijke Maat” @ Griffioen (May 21,2024)

Invited for a theater-lecture on “Science on Stage: AI en de Menselijke Maat“: Griffioen, May 21, 2024.

Suitable viewing tips on Netflix, students who bluff their way through book reports and predicting disruptions before they occur: AI makes it possible. But, how much space should we give AI? Can we keep a grip on these fast-growing systems? Should we worry about the expendability of humans?

The third edition of Science on Stage will take place on May 21, this time with the topic Artificial Intelligence: . . . and where is the human touch? Three experts (Maaike Harbers, Piek Vossen (WITH LEOLANI) and Gea Dreschler) will discuss the opportunities and limitations of AI in, for example, education, healthcare, ethics and culture. Leoni Jansen and Charlotte van Nee will moderate and present the evening. The musical accompaniment is provided by Jeroen Kramer and AI. Be surprised by the interesting combination of human creativity and technological innovation!

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