Proud of our first generation of MA Text Mining and Research Master Human Language Technology Students

Below you find an overview of thesis projects of recent and soon to be graduates from our new Research Master’s in Human Language Technology. The first students of the master’s in Text Mining just started their thesis work together with companies and organizations and will finish by the end of June. In the mean time, have a look at the projects they have worked on in the course Text Mining Domains.

Some theses result in papers published at conferences of workshops. Have a look at our publications.

More info on our teaching at our Computational Lexicology & Terminology Lab:

Master Text Mining

Text Mining Domains projects:

In this course, students apply text mining techniques to a particular domain, such as historic, scientific or medical texts or a particular topic. You can have a look at their code and reports by licking on the links:

Master Human Language Technology:

Final thesis projects:

Chantal van Son
Towards a Dutch frame-semantic parser

Femke Klaver
Authorship attribution of forum posts

Pia Sommerauer
From old to new racism? Investigating known dangers in distributional semantic approaches to conceptual change

Liza King
Modals and Measles: Computational linguistic investigations into modal use in the vaccination debate

Karen Goes
Exploring text mining techniques to structure a digitised catalogue

Benedetta Torsi
Detecting claims in a cross-register corpus

Areumbyeol Kim
Identifying incidents across texts using clustering techniques (ongoing)

Suzana Bašić
Identifying incidents across texts using clustering techniques (ongoing)

Lenka Bajčetić
Interactive coreference resolution in human robot dialogues (postponed)

Thomas Klein
Mapping RBN to FrameNet using lexical resources (ongoing)

Ngan Nguyen
A study on clickbaits: Building a machine learning system for clickbait detection (ongoing)