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Vossen e.a. organizing 8th International Global WordNet Conference (Jan. 27-30, 2015)



As founder and President of the Global WordNet Association, Piek Vossen is also the chair and co-organizer of the 8th International Global Wordnet Conference (GWC2016) in Bucharest, Romania, January 27-30, 2016 (conference website:

In 2015 it was also the 15 years anniversary of the Global WordNet Association.

In 2000, Piek Vossen and Christiane Fellbaum founded the Global WordNet Assocation as a free, public and non-commercial organization that provides a platform for discussing, sharing and connecting wordnets for all languages in the world. It has been very succesful and uptil now we connected and shared a lot of information at our 7 international conferences:

  • 7th Global WordNet Conference 2014 (GWC2014) in Tartu, Estonia, January 25-29, 2014
  • 6th Global WordNet Conference 2012 (GWC2012) in Matsue, Japan, January 9-13, 2012
  • 5th Global WordNet Conference 2010 (GWC2010) in Mumbai, India, January 31 – February 4, 2010
  • 4th Global WordNet Conference 2008 (GWC2008) in Szeged, Hungary, January 22-25, 2008
  • 3rd Global Wordnet Conference 2006 (GWC2006) in Jeju Island. Korea, January 22-26, 2006
  • 2nd Global Wordnet Conference 2004 (GWC2004) in Brno, Czech Republic, January 20-23, 2004
  • 1st Global Wordnet Conference 2002 (GWC2002) in Mysore, India, January 21-25, 2002

We welcome you to our 8th Global WordNet Conference 2016 (GWC2016) in Bucharest, Romania, January 27-30, 2016.