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Invitation for Bids to Host the Global Wordnet Conference 2019


The Global Wordnet Association welcomes bids from potential organizers of the 10th Global Wordnet Conference in July/August 2019. The deadline for submitting a proposal is October 1st, 2018. Proposal should be sent to Bids will be considered by the GWA Board and a decision will be announced November 1st, 2018. Proposals must consider and, where appropriate, address the following criteria:




  • Expected size: 50-100 people
  • Logistics
    1. Convenient and reasonably priced international flight connections
    2. Inexpensive lodging for participants on small budgets
  • Date
    1. Projected date: End of July/Start of August 2019 (before or after ACL-Florence-2019)
    2. Conference length of 4 – 5 days
    3. Proceedings must get an ISBN number and must be freely downloadable from the GWA website
    4. Proceedings should be registered in ACL Anthology, DPLP or Web of Science
  • Budget and Fees (this is a model; variations can be proposed and discussed)
    • Participants fees cover
      1. proceedings (electronic & ISBN)
      2. coffee breaks
      3. local transport from hotel pick-up points to conference
      4. GWA registration (incl. required membership for two years)

      Note that the GWA membership (40 USD full, 20 USD student, 100 USD non-profit institutional, 200USD profit corporate) is required for each registered participant. The membership fee is valid for two years. The membership fees need to be transferred to GWA. The membership fee is necessary to maintain the association.

    • Fees do not cover
      1. accommodation
      2. lunches, dinners
    • Fee structure
      1. Aim to keep as close to 200 EUROs maximum as possible (including regular full GWA membership)
      2. Reduced fee for students and participants from countries with little funding
    • Optional additional fee covers
      1. banquet
      2. excursion
    • Costs to be borne by the local organizer:
      1. meeting rooms and equipment rental
      2. local support staff
    • Sponsorship: the organizer is encouraged to find sponsors
    • Invited speaker(s) from the international comunity, to be selected by the GWA Board and the local organizers. Number of speakers determined by the availability of financial support. Local organizers may additionally invite and sponsor one or more local speakers, in consultation with the GWA Board.
  • Financial responsibility:
    1. The GWA cannot contribute financially or assume any financial responsibility
    2. Financial responsibility rests entirely with the local organizer
    3. Early registration to reduce any risk is encouraged
    4. Enforce policy of inclusion of papers in proceedings after early registration of at least one author
  • Program committee
    1. GWA Board
    2. Chairs: Christiane Fellbaum and Piek Vossen
    3. Program Committee to be composed before Call for Papers