Follow-Up project funded with 2 Phd’s: Make Robots Talk and Think

The Vossen-Spinoza-project Understanding Language By Machines has funded a follow-up project on sub-project 5 “Make Robots talk” (2020-2024) with 2 PhD students that will work on our robot Leolani: “MAKE ROBOTS TALK AND THINK” .

Selene Báez Santamaría will start her Phd on April 1, 2020 and Lea Krause will start her PhD on February 1, 2020.

Leolani uses communication to learn about us and the world but she also needs to learn our language at the same time. Communicating and reasoning over the physical world and the people she encounters is a real challenge.

They defined their research topic within the Leolani framework: Communicative robots: the Leolani Principles” and become part of the team of researchers that further develops the platform.  

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