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Vossen & CLTL @ LREC 2018


The Computational Lexicology & Terminology Lab (CLTL) of Piek Vossen will present the following accepted papers at the 11th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC2018). We’ll see you in Miyazaki, Japan from May 7-12, 2018!

  • “The Circumstantial Event Ontology (CEO) and ECB+/CEO; an Ontology and Corpus for Implicit Causal Relations between Events” by Roxane Segers, Tommaso Caselli and Piek Vossen
  • “Neural Models of Selectional Preferences for Implicit Semantic Role Labeling” by Minh Le and Antske Fokkens
  • Don’t Annotate, but Validate: a Data-to-Text Method for Capturing Event Data” by Piek Vossen, Marten PostmaFilip Ilievski and Roxane Segers
  • “A Review of the Interoperability between Similar or Complementary Linguistic Annotations in Overlapping Corpora: The Case of Events” by Chantal van Son, Lora Aroyo, Oana Inel, Roser Morante and Piek Vossen
  • “Systems’ Agreements and Disagreements in Temporal Processing: An Extensive Error Analysis of the TempEval-3 Task” by Tommaso Caselli and Roser Morante
  • “Studying Muslim Stereotyping through Microportrait Extractio”  by Antske Fokkens, Nel Ruigrok, Camiel Beukeboom, Gagenstein Sarah and Wouter van Attveldt


  • Member of the Scientific Committee LREC2018
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the Globalex Workshop, May 8, 2018.
  • Member of the Program Committee of the 6th Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistics: Towards Linguistic Data Science (LDL-2018), May 12, 2018.
  • Member of the Program Committee of the 4REAL Workshop: workshop on Replicability and Reproducibility of Research Results in Science and Technology of Language, May 12, 2018.