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Jurymember Geesteswetenschappen van de Nationale Wetenschapsagenda


Vossen is invited as a jury member of the Geesteswetenschappen-Jury of the Nationale Wetenschapsagenda (fase 3: validating). He will also use his expertise and software to facilitate and accelerate the clustering process of the data (fase 2: clustering).



Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw (Apr. 24, 2015)


Het heeft Zijne Koninklijke Hoogheid Willem-Alexander behaagd Piek te onderscheiden als “Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw“, vrijdag 24 April 2015.

Piek has been honoured by the Dutch Royal House as a “Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion” on Friday, April 24, 2015.



Workshop “Biographical Data in a Digital World” (Apr. 9, 2015)


The BiographyNet team is co-organizing a workshop on the theme of “Biographical Data in a Digital World” on 9 April 2015, Rockstart, Herengracht 182, 1016 BR Amsterdam.


Call for papers Global WordNet Conference 2016


As co-president, co-founder and organizing chair of the Global Wordnet Association (GWA), I am pleased to announce that the 8th Global WordNet Conference (GWC2016) will take place in Bucharest, Romania, 27-30 January 2016.

This conference follows up the previous conferences held in India (Mysore 2002 and Mumbai 2010), in Czech Republic (Brno, 2004), […]